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Which bank for a credit repurchase?

Request the bank best placed to buy back credit, taking advantage of particularly attractive rates. Which bank for a repurchase of mortgage? There are roughly a dozen banks on the mortgage market in the country that can offer credit repurchase transactions. It is important to remember that a repurchase of home loan consists in making Read More

Mini loan dangers – is a short-term loan suitable for you?

A mini loan is often taken out if an invoice is to be paid at short notice and your own financial resources are currently not sufficient. Such a short-term loan usually has a short loan term. So you should be able to repay the loan in the foreseeable future. But there are some requirements that Read More

Buying a money order with a credit card

A money order is a safe way to send money through the mail or make payments to companies that have restricted payment options. But if all you have is a credit card, you are probably wondering if you will even use it to buy a money order.   Buying a money order with a credit Read More

I received a call to repay my late husband’s loan ?

In addition, it is not a letter sent by registered mail, but by ordinary mail, with a deadline of 7 days for payment, otherwise they will go to court to give their husband’s heirs, am I obliged to repay this loan if it’s been almost six years? Besides, I don’t have any inheritance from my Read More

Borrow money during the holidays?

The expensive December month is just around the corner. Good Finance, cozy Christmas markets and of course the Christmas gifts for everyone: the costs can add up considerably. Do you not have enough savings or is your savings account actually meant for something else? Then it is tempting to go red in December or pay Read More

Where it’s worth taking out a loan – we calculate the options

In order to pay for the purchase we need what for here and now there is a lack of funds, we use bank loans. And often we’re in a hurry, we don’t even think about where it is more profitable to take out a loan – all thoughts are about a new car, washing machine, Read More

How can I learn the loans I use from banks?

It is quite understandable that people who worked with banks more than once in the past have wondered if they had any debt or if the related loans were closed completely. In this context, it will be useful to share alternative solutions and to mention some details for consumers who say how can I learn Read More